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How 1MillionResume AI Resume Builder helps you create resume in 30 minutes

5-6 million jobs are applied every day on linkedin alone. Your resume really has to stand out to secure an interview among these applicants. It also underlines the fact that traditional job search and resume creation tools can’t keep up with the pace required.

1MillionResume Resume Builder make it quick and easy for you to create a stand out resume with the help of AI. Your can create a first resume draft within just 30 minutes. Yes, this is true and this article will show you how

Start with Free Sign up

Well, you can start your journey with creating a free account. Sign up with google only takes 1 click.

From here on your resume building journey starts. We have split this journey into 3 stages

  1. Create Your Resume
  2. Improve Your Resume
  3. Customize Your Resume
3 stages to create a strong resume - create, improve and customize

Once you are through with these 3 stages, you will have a strong resume that will land you more interviews.

Stage 1: Create Your Resume

We don’t want you to type in all resume information unless you want to create a new resume.

In 1MillionResume AI Resume Builder, You can simply import your old resume or CV (curriculum vitae). By the way, you can also import your linkedin profile in case that is more up to date. our AI resume builder will read all the information from it and make it available in your new resume.

Import old resume screen in 1MillionResume AI Resume Builder

You can choose from 11+ professional resume templates. We have good collection of ATS friendly templates, simple resume templates, modern resume templates and free resume templates. These templates are designed to instantly catch recruiter’s attention while maintaining the pofessionalism of a resume.

Not sure which one to pick. Just pick what you like from ATS resume templates, they have application tracking system compatible structure.

top resume templates from 1MillionResume ai resume builder

First thing you will notice is

if you are on desktop – you have live size resume preview on left and resume sections control on the right.

on mobile – you will see resume sections controls and Resume Preview button that will show you the zoomable resume preview.

1millionresume - resume builder screen

Let’s talk about section controls here before you start adding your information

  • Edit Section – This is as simple as you are think. You need to click that blue “Edit” button next to section name to add information in that perticular section like Education or Skills.
  • Add New Section – Feel like adding more to your resume. Well, click on that big yellow color “Add New Section” dropdown and you will see list of sections that you can add.
  • Deleting a section – You can remove any section that has red coloured “Del” button next to it.

Tip – learn more on what sections you should be adding in our resume guides for Freshers and guide for Expereinced Professionals.

section control to add, edit and delete resume sections in ai resume builder

These are must have sections for a resume.

  • Contact Information – Here you must add your contact number, address (city, state and country), resume headline and linkedin profile link. Add these details to get “you are shortlisted” call.
  • Career Objective or Resume Summary – If you are early career professional or changing career then you will be adding career objective. This tells your employer about your career aspirations and expectations. You can generate a good Career Objective using AI. Take that as referenece and enhance it further using our career objective writing guide. You can also pick a suitable career objective from our 75+ career objective examples.

    Experienced professionals need to add resume summary. This is a mini highlight of your role, experience and skills that hiring managers read first. Experienced professionals can optimize their exiesting resume summary using AI. Take the AI suggestions as reference and improve your bullet points. 1MillionResume AI writer didn’t write resume summary for you, because AI doesn’t know you better than you.
1millionresume taking required input for AI
Add AI Inputs
AI generating career objective in 1millionresume ai resume builder
Generate Career Objective
ai optimizing resume summary in 1millionresume ai resume builder
Optimize Resume Summary
  • Skills – This is the most important section of your resume. You can simply add skills in comma separated manner. Stick to the recommended format here as being too creative can impact ATS compatibility.
  • Work Experience Your potential employer is very keen to know how you performed your duties in your previous jobs.You need to add details of your experiences in reverse chronological order. It helps recruiter see your career timeline and they love it.
    Start by adding your most recent job first and keep adding older jobs till last 10 years. For each experience, you need to add – your role/title, company name, company address (city, state or city, country), duration of employment and description.
how to add work experiences in 1millionresume ai resume builder
  • Education – In this secition too, follow a reverse chronological order and list your education from most recent to oldest.
    Tip – as you become experienced, your schoolding and grades are not relevant in resume so skip them.

To make your resume stand out, you will need more details than every other resume. You need something that sets you apart. Feel free to add Certifications, Awards, Achievements or your published work in your resume.

  • Certifications – This is not mandatory section. But you should write your relevant certifications and trainings in bullet point style. Add name of certification, issuer authority and when it was issuesd.
  • Achievements – In the sales profession, achievements carry significant weight. Mention 3-4 appreciations or awards you have received for extraordinary performance at work.

We have only captured the essence here and you can check more details in our resume guides.

Stage 2: Improve Your Resume

Here are our tools to improve your resume –

This feature is super useful in catching missing data from your old resume. If an important data like dates, contact number, address is missing then we catch it and show here so that you can correct. This makes your resume more consitent and professional.

Once all mistakes are rectified, It will turn green and show recommendations.

resume mistakes and recommendations from ai resume builder
  1. Provide inputs – Let us know your industry and target role. Be more clear, instead of just saying “Team lead” tell if you are a software Team Lead or Operations Team Lead. Use role names that are commonly used in job descriptions.
  2. Generate with AI – Writing career objective is tough and confusing. Let AI generate a suitable career objective for you in just a click. Take that as referenece and personalize it using our career objective guide and 75+ career objective examples.
  3. Suggestions from AI – AI can suggest skills for your target role. These suggestions will be combination of industry specific skills and soft skills. See what have you missed and click on a skill to add.
  4. AI Optimization – You can ask AI to optimize your resume summary, achievements or experience bullet points. It will give you suggestions that are more impactful. Again, take these suggestions as reference to make your bullet points impressive.
provide the required input in 1millionresume ai resume builder and use ai to generate resume, suggest improvements and optimize resume

Use Guide – You will see practical tips on how to write and what to write in each section. Use those to create a strong resume that gets you more interview calls.

All the applications for a job posting are collected into a software/database called ATS (Application Tracking System). A recruiter searches ATS database and applies filters on skills, job roles, keywords etc to shortlists 10% of candidates whose resumes recruiter can manually check.

Importance of Keywords – There are two elements to writing ATS compatible resume. First is using ATS friendly format and second is using right keywords in your resume that job description requires in an ideal candidate.

How to Identify Relevant Keywords – These keywords are scattered across job description. You can split these keywords in the form of skills, role specific keywords and action verbs. You can check this example to see how we identify keywords in job description.

Add required Action Verbs – Action verbs highlight your achievement and experience bullet by presenting them in an active tone. Required action verbs are naturally present in job description and you need to mimic them in your resume.

Stage 3: Customize Your Resume

You can choose any template from our 11+ professional resume templates collection. Chaging a template is very easy.

  • Go to resume template page

  • Click on “Create Resume” button on template that you liked.

how to changes resume template in 1millionresume ai resume builder
change template color in 1millionresume ai resume builder

You will see each template has suitable color choices. Some template are beautify, unique and don’t offer a choice. Simply click on a color to apply it. Resume preview will show you how that looks.

This is a cool new feature that allows you to descrease or increase font size in your resume. You have 3 option for sizes – Extra small, normal and big.

Small font can really help you pack more content into 2 pages.

Similarly you can choose a different ATS friendly font from 5+ font choices.

customizing fonts size and style in 1millionresume ai resume builder

Proof read your resume 2-3 times and when you are finally done – click Download button to get your resume PDF.

How to Submit Resume for Free Review

Getting a second openion on your resume won’t hurt. That is why we offer complimentory resume review. We will highlight basic mistakes in your resume and provide expert recommendations to improve it.

Resume review helps you make a strong resume that can get you tons of calls.

Where To ask for help and support

You can reach out to us on live chat, conact us query, email to contact@1millionresume.com

Check our dedicated support page.

How to Create a Free Resume

1MillionResume Resume Builder offers free resume plan as well. Check out our free resume template – it looks basic but it follows standards of top universities like Harvard, Standford etc. Free resume migth come with limited functionality but worry not, it is ATS friendly and packs all the punch to write a good resume.

Key Takeaways

When the recruitment world is increasingly adapting AI, tools like AI resume builder offers you a quick and easy way to create resume.

  1. Resume building is iterative process and it can take time but you can have first draft ready within 30 minutes.
  2. 1MillionResume AI Resume Builder comes with resume import feature and pre designed ATS resume templates which really saves your time.
  3. Our tool offers multiple ways to improve your resume – with AI, tips, examples and manual resume review. You saw in details how AI can help you write better resume.
  4. You can customize your resume in many ways – change font, choose different resume template, choose color and section order. All this personalisation is applied on click of a button.
  5. In the end you can proof read your resume and Download it once you see it ready.

Our AI Resume Builder interface is super simple and easy to use. It saves time and effort on every iteration. But over and above it helps you write a strong resume that can get you more interview calls.

Radhe Radhe. Thanks and all the best 🤝


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