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  • Yash ChowdhurySolution Architect - Microsoft, USA

    I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service 1millionresume has provided in creating my resume. You have exceeded my expectations in every way and delivered a product that I am proud to present to potential employers.

    You were always prompt, courteous, and attentive to my needs and requests. 1MillionResume listened to my feedback and incorporated it into the final version of the resume. You also provided me with helpful tips and advice on how to use the resume effectively in my job search.

  • Hilary ClemonsDirector of Operations - Ex TESLA, USA

    1 Million Resumes has been a dream to work with. They have been so kind and professional in creating a new resume for me. I have been working with Kunal on finishing touches and he has been amazing! He asks the right questions and has been great about staying in contact throughout the entire process. I am very happy with both their customer service, as well as diligence to make sure my resume is exactly what I need. I would recommend 1 Million Resumes to anyone!

  • Vipul PachauriSDE2 - OLX

    The results speak for themselves. Since using, I've seen a significant increase in my resume selection rate and job opportunities. ItI's as if the platform has unlocked a secret code to getting noticed by recruiters.

    1millionresume helped me get a new Job with CTC jump from 34 LPA to 50 LPA. I can't recommend enough to anyone looking to enhance their job prospects.

  • Utkarsh PariharSales Manager - Noida, UP

    I got to know about 1millionresume from LinkedIn and gave it a try. I had tried Resume template that comes with AI. I was surprised to see how relevant AI suggestions were. It optimised my resume form 3 page to 2 pages. AI also suggested skills that I should added in my resume.

    I had used resume builder before this but is far better, resumes are actually ATS friendly. Founder has helped me choose right template and gave me tricks to make resume impressive. Overall I am happy to choose

How Our AI Resume Builder Works

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Import Old Resume

Start your resume journey with importing your old resume or linkedin profile. You don’t have to type information again. No existing resume or CV? - You can start fresh too.

Choose Template

We have 11+ professional resume templates for you. These are eye catching, ATS friendly and professionally designed to help your resume stand out.

Complete Your Resume

Make your resume information up to date. Fill in the blank, give it final touch with AI optimization and your resume is ready.

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Resume Builder Features

Create a Resume in just 30 minutes

Create your professional resume effortlessly in under 30 minutes with our user-friendly ai resume builder interface.

ATS Resume Templates

Select from 11+ elegant, colorful professional resume templates that highlighting your unique strengths, qualifications and experience. They works well with application tracking systems (ATS)!

Create Resume with AI

Our AI Resume Builder analyzes your resume and provides suggestions to enhance your resume's impact and effectiveness.

Resume Review & Guidance

Our manual resume review and guidance is game changer. It makes your resume from good to strong because some things need human attention.

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1millionresume users work across 500+ companies

Start Making Your Resume Now!

Here is how our AI Resume Builder can help you

AI can be a great assistant and 1millionresume uses AI to guide you on resume writing. We have artificial intelligence built right into the tool so you don’t have to use chatgpt to write a resume. Our AI approach is better and inline with hiring trends and guidelines. Below is how you can use ai to write resume -

AI Generated Resume

1millionresume ai resume builder generates career objective, resume summary and skills suggestion based on your profile. You can choose the suggestion, tweak it if you like and use that to create your resume.

AI will write these resume sections based on generic expectations from that role. We recommend you to make it more personalized and add skills based on your experience.

We also have guides and resume examples to help you even further.

showing skills generated with ai resume builder

AI Resume Optimization

AI is good at improving your language and making it more impactful. You can use AI to suggest improvements on your bullet points. You will get these suggestion in summary, work experience and achievements section on click of a button.

These improvements are suggested based on your resume. Take reference from ai and try to mix it with your own language and skills.

ai resume builder generating suggestion for work experience in resume

Practical Tips

You will find practical tips on every section. These are direct and carefully curated to guide you on what to write and how to write it. For example - Experience section will show you - How to write work experience in resume and what to write in bullet points.

ai resume builder generating suggestion for work experience in resume

Resume Resources

AI Resume Builder FAQ

πŸ“„ Resume Builder application is a quick and easy way to build your resume/CV yourself using our intuitive UI. Making a resume is an iterative process, Resume Builder offers an easy experience over traditional Microsoft Word.

You can import your old resume/CV or linkedin profile pdf and use that to create a new resume. Our resume builder will read contact information, skills and work experience etc and add it to your new resume. In case you are making resume first time, you can also start fresh. It has all the tools, sections, and tips for you to create a professional resume. You just need to add your new experience, details, and your new resume/CV is ready to download. πŸš€

To build a strong resume/cv, steps are

  • ➑️ Start by creating your account
  • ➑️ You can import your current resume/cv or start fresh
  • ➑️ Choose suitable template design
  • ➑️ Complete your resume with our resume builder app
  • ➑️ Download your resume

πŸ’‘ We help users with their custom requirements or if something is not working as they expect - we intend to find a way to serve you. You can ping us on live chat (from the bottom right corner) or email us at πŸ“§

You can make ats (application tracking system) supported resume using our resume templates. Our resume templates works well with recruitment software (ats). You can use our resume help and guides to add required keywords to your resume. This will increase your chances of passing ats system and getting interview call.

🎯 Yes! We do write resumes/CVs where you want to target a specific role, profile, or company. Such requests are frequent from our USA customers. Currently, we map your profile to job descriptions manually, and it has proved to be more effective for our customers.

You can ping us on live chat (from the bottom right corner) or email us at πŸ“©

🧠 Our experience after thousands of resumes - AI doesn't know you, so you should not use ai writer to generate resume for you. AI generated resume can project your profile different that it actually is. We follow a different approach at You can get best results by using ai for reference. See recommended approach to write resume with ai

AI is integrated into the application itself, which gives you suggestions based on your profile with us.

You can choose to use AI suggestions OR take them as a reference point and improve your own points OR even mix them. πŸ€–πŸ’‘

πŸ“ From our experience ChatGPT or other ai tools don't know you, so it gives generic suggestions for everyone. This will not help your job application standout. There are ai resume generator apps available online which can generate entire resume. This approach doesn't give expected results. 1MillionResume gives you personalized suggestions based on your profile, target job role and that is better.

πŸš€ This has been a game-changer for our customers, where we help their resumes/CVs go from good to strong. We review your resume and share detailed feedback on what you have missed or what you can add to make your profile stand out.

We offer recommendations from our experience and learnings from hundreds of resumes, which increases your chances of landing interviews. πŸ’Ό

πŸ”„ Resume building is an iterative process. Users create their first draft at within 45 minutes, then review it, making a few corrections/improvements. After repeating this process 2-3 times, you'll have a good resume or CV ready.

There will always be times when you want to apply for a specific company like X, which requires you to showcase extra skills or experiences. Our month-based subscription plan addresses all such requirements.

You can opt for a longer subscription, say 3 or 6 months, OR choose monthly whenever you need it. This gives you the flexibility to make changes quickly anytime, from anywhere. πŸ“…

Yes. We offer free plan for professionals / students whose requirements are simple and can be self served. Free plan is best suited for students and early career professionals. Check our free resume templates

πŸ–₯️ offers an intuitive interface to import/add your data. You never have to spend time on formatting in MS Word; you can choose any resume/CV template you want. Our customers say - with MS Word, the first resume or CV draft used to take them 1-2 days, but with our resume builder, it takes only 30 to 45 minutes. πŸ•’

You should utilize that saved time improving your resume/CV content or preparing for interviews. πŸ“πŸŽ“

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