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Kunal Saxena |
create resume from linkedin profile

Wouldn’t it be great if you can convert your LinkedIn Profile to CV in just a few clicks. No need to type all the information again to create CV or resume.

This is a less-known hack but very easy to do. I mean, it’s just a matter of a few clicks.

For simplicity, I am breaking it down into 2 parts –

Part 1 – Save your LinkedIn profile as PDF

In this step, you will be generating CV from your LinkedIn profile but you can’t use this directly to apply for jobs. You will be able to make a professional CV by following below guide –

  1. In any web browser, log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Navigate to your LinkedIn profile page. Example mine is – “
  3. Click on “More” icon and then click on “Save to PDF”
  4. This will download your LinkedIn profile as a PDF file
showing my linkedin profile and save to pdf option. clicking on this will download my linkedin profile as pdf
showing my linkedin profile and save to pdf option. clicking on this will download my linkedin profile as pdf

And in one click you have export ready. Good to know that it works best with English characters.

This is how my LinkedIn Profile PDF looks like.

Image showing how my linkedin profile download looks. It looks like two column resume.
Image showing how my linkedin profile download looks. It looks like two column resume.

Part 2 – Import your LinkedIn profile PDF to

  1. To convert your profile to CV – sign up on
  2. Upload PDF as CV on Import screen (check screenshot below)
  3. Choose Resume / CV template that you like
  4. Add up to date information in your CV using resume builder screen
  5. Download your CV
linkedin profile import feature in 1millionresume
linkedin profile import feature in 1millionresume

While this feels like an additional step but it saves a lot of time and you avoid the frustration of manually entering same data for your CV. Here is what to keep in mind for best results

You need an Updated LinkedIn profile

It is better to make your LinkedIn profile up to date before exporting it to PDF. So add that latest Work Experience or correct dates/places. This gives you 2X advantage by updating your LinkedIn profile and CV together.

LinkedIn Profile Export vs Resume/CV

A full LinkedIn profile is multiple pages long. This captures all the essential aspects of your public profile. It doesn’t include your LinkedIn posts and activity information.

This is not optimized to be your CV or resume. Also, this uses 2 column layout so not expected to work best with old ATS systems. But worry not, just import your PDF via 1millionresume import screen and within minutes, you will have your CV ready.

How to add LinkedIn Profile in a Resume

Adding a LinkedIn profile to your resume helps build credibility. Recruiters often look at your LinkedIn profile to verify your authenticity and check activities. Giving LinkedIn profile link in the resume just makes it easier.

You can add LinkedIn profile link with your contact information on top or in footer area at the bottom. For example, my link would be – “

In below resume sample, you can see LinkedIn profile mentioned on left.

contact info and social links in resume
social links (LinkedIn, website) on resume

Advantages of Importing LinkedIn Profile

This method is not well known but a few clicks here, save you time and energy. Not adding the same data again for CV (Curriculum Vitae) saves you 10-15 minutes. 1millionresume will read all the required data from profile PDF and pre-fill it into your next resume or CV.

All you need to do now is choose your CV template and add any information not captured by your profile. 1Millionresume Pro will also give you warnings for missing data and recommendations to create a strong resume.

🤝 Thank You.


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