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Your Resume is more than stuffing keywords, resume score and copied text. If written well, you can easily beat chatGPT or AI. We have done it.

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Meet Kunal Saxena (LinkedIn)
  • Founder of 1millionresume
  • Over 12+ years of experience in Technology, Investment Banking, Telecom, Insurance, E-Commerce and Education domains
  • Vice Precident at Goldman Sachs and worked with other top companies like EY, Airtel etc

Dear Kunal, my question is

Not even a single interview. Have applied to over 50+ companies over the past month. Does my background look incompetent or does my resume need some serious improvement?​
Can't land interviews! Please help
I'm not getting many call backs. I would also appreciate any tips or tricks on how to boost numbers or figures :))​
I haven't found Job yet. I have been searching for two months Is there anyone who can help?​
Student - Applying for Tesla internship next week, and need review and criticism to improve it​.
Getting a middle class job in 2024 feels like trying to break into a professional sports league.
Customer Reviews

Utkarsh P

Sales Manager - Noida, UP

I had tried Resume template that comes with AI. I was surprised to see how relevant AI suggestions were. It optimised my resume form 3 page to 2 pages. AI also suggested skills that I should added in my resume.

I had used resume builder before this but is far better, resumes are actually ATS friendly. Founder has helped me choose right template and gave me tricks to make resume impressive. Overall I am happy to choose

Arvind Kumar

Project Lead - Salt Lake City, USA

I have used a few resume builder services however 1millionresume is at different level. First time when I used 1millionresume I could clearly see the difference. It's certainly visible and catchy when you look at the template.

Using AI at 1millionresume making it easier and it is suggesting relevant changes to make it appropriate, better and relevant. Most importantly it saves time. So I would definitely suggest to give a try.

Vipul Pachuari


The results speak for themselves. Since using, I've seen a significant increase in my resume selection rate and job opportunities. ItI's as if the platform has unlocked a secret code to getting noticed by recruiters.

1millionresume helped me get a new Job with CTC jump from 34 LPA to 50 LPA.

I can't recommend enough to anyone looking to enhance their job prospects.

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You get option for 1 to 1 resume review and guidance. This is where you can convert great resume to Strong Resume. It is available with Premium Plan. Check here

Free Resume template is fully ATS complaint and easily understood by software. It packs the punch with all the necesary resume section options available. It is desgined following the standard of Harvard and Standford Resume/CV Guide.

We are supporting early stage career professionals and offering this Simple ATS friendly Resume template for FREE. It is Free for you but it costs 1MillionResume. Please take full advantage of this offering.
About 1MillionResume

We are an AI Resume Builder Company.

We believe every resume tells a story. A Strong resume can open doors of your dream job with higher pay.

In 2024, old resume formats are not able to bring results with increasing use of technology in recruitment. Resume are first read by softwares and algorithms then after filtering only 5-10% resumes reach recruiter for closer look.

There is ton of tips and tricks available on internet but which one to trust? With our AI Resume Builder, all that expertise is built into app itself. You will not only saving time but also getting strong resume that help them stand out in job market.

You don't need an ordinary resume, You need strong resume.