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experienced professionals resume guide

Welcome experienced professionals, you have created resume in past and you are already familiar with the process. But you are still wondering – Is there an easy way to make a resume? or how will your resume get more interview calls?

This guide will help you write your Strong resume. That Strong resume will represents best version of you and will have higher chancess of getting interview calls. We will explain everything section by section with the help of real examples from

After thousands of resumes/CVs later here are the top problems that professionals face –

  1. What resume template and format is best for me?
  2. How can I make my resume stand out?
  3. I want to target multiple roles
  4. I can’t spend all my time making resume. There has to be an easy way.
  5. How to make my resume between 2-3 pages?

We will provide solutions to these problems later in this article so keep on reading.

Now before jumping in, is an AI Resume Builder where you can make a resume or cv quickly and easily. We have seen 1millionresume users creating their first draft within 30-45 minutes. And You can too.

coming back – Here are seven sections that every experienced professional resume or cv should have –

1 – Contact Information

Your resume should start with your name on top in bold letters.

Mention your email, contact number and base location address.

Do I have to mention address in contact info?

This tells recruiters about your current city and they will need this information before considering your profile. ATS (Application Tracking Systems) require this information too. So mention it and save yourself from hassle/blind rejection.

See this in Glacier Chill resume template example –

2 – Headline

Resume headline should have target role you are applying for. Feel free to add your total years of experience and relevant keywords with it.

In resume sample above “Data science” is headline.

Why Resume Headline is useful?

Recruiters search in Job Portal databases with resume headline query, so you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Think of this as similar to LinkedIn Headline where if someone searches for “software sales” then search results will also have people who mentioned “software sales” in their headline.

More resume headline examples from sales –

“Dynamic Sales Leader with Proven Track Record of Exceeding Revenue Targets and Building High-Performance Teams

Top-Performing Sales Professional with 10+ Years of Experience in B2B Sales and Client Relationship Management

Award-Winning Sales Executive | Driving Profitable Growth | Developing Strategic Sales Initiatives

Senior Sales Director with a Proven Record of Scaling Sales Operations and Driving Market Expansion Globally

What template and format is best for Professionals?

You will apply for jobs online on a multiple job portal in your country or on LinkedIn. Your resume has to be ATS friendly as it will be read by software and algorithms before humans. If these programs fail to understand your work experience, education or skills – your chances of an interview are doomed. got you covered. Our best ATS templates are – Glacier Chill, Sahara Contrast, Executive Edge, Grey Lining, Royal Essence and Minimalist Pro

When you appear for interviews, you can have the same resume transformed into an interview-friendly template like – Green Elegance, Modern Vibe, Basic Blue

If you are directly applying via referral or recruiter – you can just use Interview friendly template.

All pro templates are designed to catch recruiter’s attention instantly. High chance they will read your resume and if it is Strong Resume from – you will get the interview call.

Our customers try different templates available and stick to what they like. Why not? changing your resume template is just one click away.

3 – Social Links

It is common these days to mention a LinkedIn profile in your resume. We see professionals across all career fields doing it.

Software/IT professionals can even mention their GitHub profile or portfolio website.

Designers or creative professionals mention their portfolio website in their resumes.

See the example below –

resume contact information example

4 – Resume Summary

  • Summary is best suited for experienced professionals.
  • A summary is not company-specific, it is profession/role-specific. What do you do every day that makes you great at your job?
  • You are providing a summary of multi-year work in bullet points or paragraph. Use Bullet point format to write a resume summary. Write 4-7 bullet points, not less and not more.
  • You can also mention key skills as the last point with context. These can be extra skills, in addition to your skills section. Example – Proficient in Agile and Scrum methodologies, with a strong focus on effective team collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Ensure your summary aligns with the job you’re applying for and Incorporate keywords from the job description.

Resume Summary Example

  • 11+ years of experience designing and developing backend systems in Java, leading and managing projects. 
  • Exposure to building high performance and scalable systems, event-based architecture, real time processing, Microservices and Kubernetes.
  • Skilled in high level system design, Concurrency, MySQL, MongoDB and cloud.

5 – Skills

  • List top relevant skills only. You can mention 5-12 skills (including soft skills).
  • Don’t write sentences as skills. Write them as keywords like – Agile, Python, B2B Sales
  • Make sure skill name is correct and the same keyword is used in job descriptions.
  • We have seen people mentioning 20-30 skills. It goes against you. Stuffing all job-related keywords will not get your resume selected.

6 – Work Experience

  • List your work experience in reverse chronological order (Latest first).
  • Follow the bullet points style to write about your work.
  • Write your top 5 contributions for that company. You can include 2-3 points regarding roles and responsibilitties. Start by adding responsibility and add more context to make a point.
  • Quantify → What impact these 5 contributions made – in terms of size, growth, economics. Use below formula
  • Formula – Led X initiative to increase sales for company by doing Y. This resulted in Z.
  • Use action verbs: Start each bullet point with a strong action verb. List of action verbs –

Work Experience Example –

Vice President, Goldman Sachs | Bengaluru, India | Oct 2018 – Present

  • Led teams of 2-6 analysis, associates in successful delivery of 15+ projects for Margin, Post Trade processing portfolio. 
  • Analyzed requirements from operations and business teams to prepare high-level system design, identify risk and dependencies.
  • Collborated with internal teams and senior stakeholders on technical design reviews, project plan and estimation which resulted in successful delivery of regulatory initiatives.
  • Directly managed 2-3 engineers, helped them with career development, growth and performance reviews, which resulted in promotion of 2 engineers to next level. 

7 – Education

  • You need to mention – Your Degree/Qualification, College/University name, place (city, country), start and completion year.
  • Make sure to follow the ATS resume format so that software can read your resume/cv.
  • Should you mention Grades? – Only if you got impressive grades else Don’t.
  • You can mention relevant coursework along with Education.

Education Example –

Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India | 2008-2012

How can I make my resume stand out?

Seven sections explained above are the bare minimum. You can add more information to give your resume more weightage (make your resume from good to Strong). This is what actually help you beat your competition and stand out.

You can add sections like – Certifications & Trainings, Achievements or Awards or It can be Patents, and Publications sections demonstrating your expertise.

What more can you add depends on a case-to-case basis and there is no one size fits all.

At, we review your resume and provide recommendations. These recommendations have helped our users stand out and get the Job.

How 1millionresume solve Resume for you?

  1. Start by importing your old resume it can be your LinkedIn resume
  2. No formatting required – Choose from 10+ Resume Templates options
  3. Our Resume builder interface makes it effortless to add or edit data
  4. You will find tips and power of AI built into tool itself
  5. Complete your details and Download Resume

I want to target multiple roles

It is very common for senior professionals to have multiple career paths or roles which they want to pursue. Sometimes you are looking for same role in a different company and want to try your chances at next level role.
Or it could be your dream company for which you want to create a special Resume.

All these scenarios call for creating multiple resumes. To make that super easy, 1millionresume has come up with the option to copy your current resume and tailor the copy resume to target that next-level role or your dream company.

We keep it simple.

I can’t spend all my time making resume. There has to be an easy way.

Yes, making a resume should not take too much of your time. Creating a resume/cv and making changes should be easy and quick.

With traditional tools like Microsoft Word, formatting is difficult and you end up spending more time formatting it than actual content.

Resume Builder tool makes that process easy – you choose from a pre-defined resume template/resume format and focus on writing Strong Resume content.

This saved time can go to your interview preparation or spent well with your family. Check out what AI Resume Builder Tool has to offer.

How to make my resume between 2-3 pages?

Our Resume Templates are carefully designed to make best use of space. Right Balance of text and space makes resume look good and readable.

Experienced professional’s resume easily go from 2 to 3 pages. You should be fine within this length.

Two column templates like Green Elegance, Basic Blue or Modern Vibe are blessed to fit more content and they can shrink your resume from two and a half pages to two.

Still worried? Know more about this by talking to us.

Concerns that 1MillionResume users had

My Resume looks too texty

Too much text can make your resume boring which goes against your chances. Well, you want recruiters and hiring managers to read your resume – Yes.

We solve it by adding colours and making your resume look more appealing. You also have option to pick resume templates like Green Elegance, Modern Vibe or Basic Blue which takes away your concern of too texty resume.

Formatting alone is not the solution, we help professionals write your story in an interesting way that can draw recruiter’s attention for longer time.

I want to re-arrange my sections

Your resume doesn’t have to follow a well-defined order. We recently had a sales manager user who’s had great achievements and awards to showcase. Some of those were so good that they should be the highlight of the resume. He wanted those sections to come before his work experiences.

This is an example where you may wish to change order of sections. It is possible at 1millionresume. You can simply re-arrange section order on laptop or even on your mobile.

See this example –

How to fit my resume into one page

You don’t have to. A single-page resume is mostly recommended for Freshers/Students. Since you gained experience, it is good if you have more than one page of material to talk about you. Experienced professional resumes can go up to 3 pages.

We will continue to enhance this guide. Please do encourage us by posting your questions in the comments.

What Our Customers Say

I learned about 1millionresume on reddit. I was told today to modernize my resume so I thought I would try lookup and try a resume builder. Came up quick on google search as top result, which is great. The front page gets right to the point, “Create a Strong Resume with AI Resume Builder and Our Guidance” with a few templates at the bottom. If you have a resume already it takes less than 10 minutes to get your resume on a template and going. The site gives a freebee black and white resume and hides the better looking ones behind a paywall which is pretty standard for this type of thing. If you are looking for straight to the point no BS resume builder 1millionresume will get the job done.

Dennis Harris, USA

I became aware about 1 million resume through one of my friend and I would say it is amazing. I was able to draft my resume within half an hour without the hassle of formatting that too in a pretty trendy and latest type resume format. It saved my time and energy . I used completely new resume format after a span of 7 years because it is very tedious job to update resume in traditional word format. I have recommended this platform to all my friend and family members. They can draft resume within an hour in latest format. It also matches International format and keeps in mind about various compliance followed in different countries. I am 100% certified and recommend this platform for resume creation to everyone.

Varsha Tiwari, India

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