create resume from linkedin profile

Create CV from your LinkedIn Profile

Wouldn’t it be great if you can convert your LinkedIn Profile to CV in just a few clicks. No need to type all the information again to create CV or resume. This is a less-known hack but very easy to do. I mean, it’s just a matter of a few clicks. For simplicity, I am […]

how to write resume with ai

How to write Best Resume with AI

AI Resume Builder 1MillionResume’s AI resume builder tool has an intuitive interface which makes – creating a resume a quick and easy. The power of artificial intelligence (AI) built in the tool itself so you don’t need to remember prompts or do chatGPT copy-paste. You can generate AI suggestion or optimize your resume section with […]

experienced professionals resume guide

Resume Guide for Experienced Professionals

Welcome experienced professionals, you have created resume in past and you are already familiar with the process. But you are still wondering – Is there an easy way to make a resume? or how will your resume get more interview calls? This guide will help you write your Strong resume. That Strong resume will represents […]

fidelity investment software engineer resume review

Fidelity Investment Software Engineer Resume Review

3 YOE Software Engineer working at Fidelity Investments, looking for resume feedback Candidate – Hello everyone! Finally, I revamped my resume after a few years. Looking for any constructive criticism or advice. Total Compensation: 115,000 USD or 95 Lakh Per Annum in India #resume #resumereview Candidate Resume This job seeker is looking for feedback on […]

email templates to reach out to recruiters

5 Email Templates to Reach out recruiters on LinkedIn

If you are looking for your dream job on LinkedIn, you might want to send some emails to recruiters who are hiring for the positions you are interested in. Here are 5 examples of email templates that you can use to get recruiter’s attention and show your interest. Recruiter’s are very busy pofessionals so followup […]

optimize linkedin profile to get hired

Write a LinkedIn Profile that gets you Hired

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for showcasing your skills and achievements, finding new opportunities and building your professional network,. Over the years LinkedIn has grown from just a job portal to social networking site, a sales and marketing platform and a home to learning content library. LinkedIn has over 1 billion users and 49 million […]