How to write Best Resume with AI

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how to write resume with ai

AI Resume Builder

1MillionResume’s AI resume builder tool has an intuitive interface which makes – creating a resume a quick and easy. The power of artificial intelligence (AI) built in the tool itself so you don’t need to remember prompts or do chatGPT copy-paste. You can generate AI suggestion or optimize your resume section with AI just on single click.

1MillionResume AI vs ChatGPT

There are tons of information and prompts flooding the internet for optimizing your resume and tailoring it to job description using chatGPT. But chatGPT doesn’t know you. It is just acting on a prompt without actually knowing you. After thousands of resumes later, 1MillionResume has matured our magic sauce running on top of generative AI systems. Since we know about you via your resume, our AI suggestions and optimizations performs better than chatGPT.

With 1MillionResume, you don’t need to worry about right prompts or commands, it’s all taken care. 1MillionResume AI works at just one click of a button.

how to write resume with ai

If you think about the future for one minute. Tomorrow more companies like X, Apple, Meta, and Google Gemini will start providing platforms like chatGPT.. will you be trying prompts on all of these platforms to see the best result? I am sure not. But 1MillionResume AI will do all this in the background and provide you with the best results.

Should you use AI to write a Resume?

Your Resume should not be completely written by AI. Rather AI should be used to provide reference points and it should reduce your effort in making a Strong Resume.

Our competitors demonstrate Resume completely written by AI in just under 1 minutes. This looks so magical and draws your attention but those resumes does not perform. Fact is – AI can not write your resume without knowing you. If someone is doing that, they are fooling you.

So, Yes – you should use AI to your advantage but not blindly. Keep reading to find out How you can get desired results with 1MillionResume and AI.

Our AI approach is also aligned with feedback from Elite Professionals –

Ex-Google San Fransisco Employee shares why chatGPT-created resumes are a bad idea. As she indicates, the Problem is chatGPT makes all resumes similar and you will not stand out.

Nupur Dave

Problems with AI

This is true for generative AI and doesn’t matter if you are using chatGPT or 1MillionResume site. What we mean is – if your original content is good, AI can make it better. If my input to AI is junk, result will be polished junk, which again can’t be used in resume.

So you should not be trusting it to write entire resume for you.

This is good example where we deduced an important indirect point from client’s resume. This client is Vehicle salesman in USA and his most recent Experience says –

Faulkner Organization, Philadelphia, PA – Vehicle Sales Specialist | June 2021 – Present

• “Consulted with and sold an average of 11.3 new and pre-owned vehicles to prospective clients monthly.”

• “Utilize Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools to track client interactions, averaging 25 sales appointments per month.”

Notice – second point tells me he was doing 25 sales appointments (leads) per months and 1st point says he was converting 12 sales per month.

This is 48% conversion rate – which is fantastic But he didn’t mention this point in his resume.

We also deduced that he is closing 4-5 Million Dollars in revenue for this company but this point was misssing from resume too.

You see chatGpt can optimise the original two points but it can’t suggest these 2 new conclusions which we just draw.

This is why 1MillionResume team reviews your resume and provide recommendations in Pro Plans. Your success is our success.

vehicle sales resume example

Meanwhile I dig up the screenshots and put them here, I recall 2 major incidents where I caught AI’s mistake

  1. I was calculating revenue in case I put ads on my site for free resume, based on avg time spend per user. As directed, AI did the calculations but results were bit odd, I took deeper look and found AI was using 1 hour = 100 minutes. It accepted mistake when I caught this and asked. 
  2. I was optimizing client’s resume for skills in job descriptions (testing the prompts from internet). When I tried using AI and it gave me skills which were not even part of my input list at all. Again this was a mistake so I don’t use AI for such requirements now.

Point is – If AI is writing entire resume for you, It will have such mistakes and Will you catch these?

1MillionResume’s Recommendations to get Best Results with AI

When the whole world is running behind chatGPT (hype vs reality), we have taken a different approach.

At 1MillionResume, AI provides suggestions on your career objective, resume summary, skills, work experience etc. We recommend you to take those suggestions as reference points. You either mix your wording with AI suggestion or choose the best verison between the two. This way, your Resume will have best and Strong content and it will stand out.

Take demo of our AI capability for Free. You can use it to generate career objective or optimize your resume summary. With 1MillionResume Pro plan, you can unlock the full capability of AI and create a Strong Resume for yourself. Key benifits that Pro plan offers over Free Resume are – 

  1. Making and Editing a resume is quick and easy
  2. Premium Attention grabbing Templates
  3. Tips/Guide available at each section
  4. AI Suggestions/Optimizations
  5. Resume recommendations and Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Don’t use AI to write your entire resume rather use AI as reference point and choose the best outcome.

1MillionResume uses AI to suggest better version of your Resume, making your resume from good to Strong. At 1MillionResume, AI is also making resume building quick and easy for you.

Your Resume or CV needs to be ATS friendly, to be read by softwares, AI and algorithms. Assume ATS as set of resume formating rules. 1MillionResume – resume templates are ATS complaint so you don’t have to worry about following ATS.

You should use chatGPT response as reference point to write/improve your cv. This is the approach we use at 1MillionResume. With us, AI suggestions are built into Resume Builder itself, all you need to do is one click. Resumes which are completely written by chatGPT fails miserably.

We do it every day at And you can too. That is why our pro plans have option for resume review and recommendations. check it out.

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