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content strategist resume example

This is real resume example of candidate who had 11 years of experience in content strategy, social media and branding. This is an example of storyline resume format. It will be a good CV example of content strategist and will serve as reference for skills, experience. Content strategist role is very similar to content manager, so you can also consider this as reference to content manager resume. is an online resume builder. You can make a resume in just 30 minutes with 4 simple steps

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CV Example

Amanda Clark | phone number hidden | city, country | linkedin profile link

Senior Content Strategist | Community Growth and Organic newsfeed engagement


I’ve spent the last ten years doing what I love – bringing digital brands to life and creating content & campaigns that not only grab attention but truly connects with audiences. I’m not just a team leader; I’m a visionary team player who thrives on collaboration and turning followers into friends of your brand. A seasoned digital strategist with a decade of experience in brand development, content creation, and community management. Leading dynamic teams, I’ve delivered successful projects on time and within budget, blending data-driven insights with my creative finesse. My extensive experience in shaping digital brands and crafting compelling content & digital campaigns, coupled with a focus on effective communication strategies, positions me as an ideal candidate for driving success in your organisations branding, content, and community management efforts. Let’s bring your vision to life.


Marketing campaign strategy
Short form video strategy
Email marketing & management
Growth Strategy
Community growth
Moderation strategy
e-commerce strategy Communication strategy
People/team management
Project management
Data analysis
Digital marketing tools/platforms


October 2022 October 2023
ABC Company, Community & Content Consultant
In this capacity, I spearheaded a brand overhaul, led a design team, formulated a community growth strategy, and managed the brand’s weekly social and content schedule, which included short- form videos and email campaigns.

January 2018 September 2022
XY Corp, Community & Content Director
In this role I was responsible for the creation and project. management of a content monetisation format which brought in over $350,000 annually. I also worked on the brand overhauls of their digital assets and provided them with engaging content, managing a team of 35 to do so.

May 2010 November 2018
RZ Inc, Community Growth & Creative Director
In this role I was responsible for the community growth and content engagement for the companies’ digital assets, plus the creation of their e-commerce and product lines. Here, I managed a team of 20, including the design and social growth teams, consulting for some of the biggest online publishing companies.


Master of Arts in Communication Studies
University Name, City, State | Graduation Year

  • Specialized in strategic communication and digital media, focusing on content creation, dissemination, and audience engagement strategies.
  • Conducted extensive research on the impact of storytelling in digital marketing, with a thesis exploring the role of narrative persuasion in brand messaging.

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
University Name, City, State | Graduation Year

  • Developed strong analytical and writing skills through in-depth study of literature, rhetoric, and critical theory.
  • Completed coursework in creative writing, journalism, and linguistics, providing a comprehensive understanding of language and narrative techniques.
  • Content Strategy Certification, Coursera 2021
  • Digital Marketing Certification, Google, 2019

Sarah Johnson, Senior Software Engineer – Tech Innovations Inc.,, 123-456-7890, 456 Oak Street – San Francisco, USA

What does content strategist do?

  • Developing Comprehensive Content Strategies:
    • Conduct research to understand market trends, audience preferences, and competition.
    • Create strategic plans outlining content objectives, themes, messaging, and distribution channels.
    • Align strategies with brand guidelines and quality standards.
  • Leading Content Creation and Production:
    • Provide guidance to content creators, ensuring alignment with the established strategy.
    • Oversee content ideation, calendaring, editorial reviews, and collaboration with specialists.
    • Ensure consistency and quality across various content formats and platforms.
  • Optimizing Content Performance:
    • Monitor and analyze content performance metrics using analytics tools.
    • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement based on data insights.
    • Adjust strategies and tactics to maximize engagement, traffic, and conversions.
  • Driving Content Innovation and Thought Leadership:
    • Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices.
    • Experiment with new formats, platforms, and storytelling techniques.
    • Foster a culture of creativity and innovation to differentiate the brand’s content offerings.

For content manager, you have additional responsibilities of increasing website traffic, developing and implementing strategies of content marketing and growth, writing content like blog posts, social media posts to increase web traffic etc.

What skills a content strategist should have

Content Strategy

Analytics and Data Interpretation

SEO and SEM Knowledge

Project Management

Technical Skills

Google Analytics

Writing Blog Posts


Creativity and Innovation


Leadership and Collaboration

Adaptability and Flexibility

💡Suitable Action verbs

Lead, Drive, Strategize, Innovate, Optimize

Coordinate, Analyze, Evaluate, Influence, Communicate

To make your resume a good match for job, you should look closely at job description and add skills that are required and you already have.

What are the Pros and Cons of this example resume


  1. It is clean and professional looking resume format. Hiring manager will like it.
  2. It is modern one page resume template
  3. She has listed all key skills and categorise them as well
  4. She has given enough detail in about me and work experience section.


  1. We have improved the example but original CV was missing Education section.
  2. “Community and Content Mastery” is not a good resume headline. We have corrected this in our example.
  3. Section heading “About Me” is non standard. Please use “Summary” for this. Using standard section titles in resume makes it easier for ATS software and recruiter both.
  4. Resume format is good but text on right side is grey. I felt it should be dark or black to improve readability.
  5. She don’t have to write Expertise separately. This can be mentioned with resume heading on top. See our example.

Best Resume template and format for content strategist has 10+ professional resume templates that gives you full flexibility to write in resume format you like. We recommend below 3 templates

ATS Resume Template
Modern template – Best for Interview
Modern one page resume template

These are some of the top resume templates. They are well formatted and professional looking. They catch attention immediately, a strong resume will get you job sooner.

Common questions you might have

This simple resume example points out at below frequent questions –

Should you include references in resume?

General practice is to not provide references untill they are asked. Companies may ask for references separately during interviews or before offer. Provide 1-2 references in format explained in example resume.

Quantifying your experience points

Quantifying mean – you should make bullet points under experience section result oriented. Points like “worked on project X” doesn’t help ypu much. So you add more context by adding results, metric to same point. It can become – “Achieved 20 percent ROI for company by automating project X for social media marketing”.

Simple formula for quantifying – Did X to increase sales for company by doing Y which resulted in Z.

More impactful and contextful points makes a job winning resume.

Final Thoughts

  1. Use this example of content strategist as reference and also consider tips and mistakes explained.
  2. You can use this storytelling resume format or use bullet points in place of long paragraphs. Then it becomes easier to read for recruiter and interviewer, making you closer to your target job.
  3. Use our recommended cv templates. These are ATS friendly and perfect with formatting and color combination.
  4. Going beyond one page is perfectly fine for senior professional but stay within two pages.


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