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sales specialist resume example and guide

Daniel had very humble beginning. He started career in 2016 as Valet Attendant, Shuttle Driver and Wash attendant. Then moved to account and sales now in 2023 generating over 4 Million dollars in revenue as vehicle sales specilist. He has 3+ years of experience in sales.

He has conversion rate of 50% which is pretty amazing in automotive industry. You will take a closer look at his resume and towards the end find out how can he improve it further.

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Car Sales Resume Example

Daniel Duncan | Philadelphia, PA, USA | +1 234.567.894

Professional Summary

To assist [COMPANY NAME] with meeting and exceeding its sales targets while fostering an environment of customer satisfaction.


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • 3 Years Total Sales Experience
  • 2+ Years CRM (Salesforce/Eleads) Experience
  • 2+ Years CDK Roadster Experience
  • 2+ Years Vehicle Sales Experience
  • 6 Months Door-to-Door B2B Sales Experience -Relationship Development
  • Product Knowledge
  • Detail Oriented -After-Sales Support


Certified Vehicle Sales Specialist

  • Licensed and provided by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.


Faulkner Organization, Philadelphia, PA – Vehicle Sales Specialist | June 2021 – Present

• Consulted with and sold an average of 11.3 new and pre-owned vehicles to prospective clients monthly.

• Utilize Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools to track client interactions, averaging 25 sales appointments per month.

• Engage in the full spectrum of sales activities, including prospecting, negotiation, and building strong client relationships and rapport.

• Sales accolades include 2nd in Total Vehicle Sales in Oct. 2021, Mar. 2022, and May 2023.

October 2020-April 2021 Dostal Consulting Group, Media, PA – Account Manager

• Represented Verizon in door-to-door sales to business owners in the tri-state area, achieving 54 total sales in a 6 month timespan.

• Developed essential skills which included looking over business accounts, participating in client interactions, and completing corporate responsibilities.

July 2016-October 2020 Thompson Toyota, Doylestown, PA – Valet Attendant, Shuttle Driver, Wash Attendant

• Safely transported customers to various locations, managing trips from 5 to 30-40 minutes.

• Oversaw vehicle deliveries and pickups for service, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

• Handled customer car check-ins for service, parking, and check-outs, including vehicle retrieval post-service.

• Performed interior vacuuming, car washing, drying and visual inspections. Maintained vehicle cleanliness and accommodating customer’s special requests.


August 2018 – August 2022

Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA – Affiliate of the Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science, GPA 3.0

August 2017 – May 2018

Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA – Business Administration – Management


References available upon request.

What does Car Salesperson do

These are top responsibilities that are expected from Vehicle Sales specialist

  • Customer Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with potential customers, understanding their needs and preferences to guide them through the vehicle selection process.
  • Product Knowledge: Stay updated on the features, specifications, and benefits of all vehicles in the dealership’s inventory to effectively communicate with customers and address their queries.
  • Sales Process Management: Manage the entire sales process from initial contact to vehicle delivery, including test drives, negotiations, financing options, and paperwork.
  • Post-Sale Support: Provide after-sales support by ensuring customer satisfaction, addressing any concerns or issues, and fostering long-term relationships to encourage repeat business and referrals.

Car sales resume skills

Product knowledge (cars in case of car sales), Sales, Negotiation, CRM tools, Communication, Customer relationship building, Customer service

These are some key skills that a Vehicle Sales specialist should have. Sales skills can have specialization as well like – B2B Sales or Corporate Sales. Before applying, you should also take a closer look at job description for car sale position and add skills in your resume that are required and you already have.

Car Salesman resume summary

Daniel should have added below summary to his resume which is missing in this example. Resume summary should talk about what you do in car sales role day to day and which makes you good at it. You can also write it as paragraph but as per experts, bullet points give best results.

  • Proficient in consultative selling techniques, establishing rapport and securing an average monthly sales record of 11.3 new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • Skilled in utilizing CRM tools to schedule and track 25 monthly sales appointments, enhancing client engagement and retention.
  • Recognized for consistent performance and contribution, achieving 2nd position in total vehicle sales for multiple months, showcasing adeptness in prospecting and negotiation.

Summary is not the only mistake with Daniel’s resume. We will see what else is missing in resume review below.

Car sales resume review

On reviewing this car sales resume example, we have found below major problems –

  1. Resume format he picked is not good and it has lot of white space. Should he fit this into 1 page, we can see
  2. Bigger problem is – this is not a professional summary – this has to be fixed for him to get selected
  3. Skills are not correct – “3 Years total sales experience” is not skill. Skills need to be in keyword form
  4. Certification should come after Experience
  5. Education – Font Size looks too small…10 if I am not wrong. He is mixing of fonts
  6. First line in work experience – average of 11.3? doesn’t look correct, it could be 11 or 12.

How to Improve this resume example

Resume FormatI recommend using resume template like “Glacier Chill“. This is ATS friendly resume template and uses space optimally. It will also help Daniel stand out.
Skills“3 years of total sales experience, 2+ years of Salesforce” – these points looks mix of Skills and Experience. He should only list skills here and experience part should go to resume summary – AI won’t tell you this.
ExperienceHis career started in 2016 with Blue Color jobs like – Valet Attendant, Driver, Wash Attendant – A Humble beginning and he didn’t start with sales.
Probably there he got exposure to sales and liked it, then he moved to 2nd Job as Account Manager. This was his first sales Job where he was doing door to door sales for 6 months. Then he finally moved to Vehicle Sales specialist Job in June 2021.

Point #1 – “Consulted with and sold an average of 11.3 new and pre-owned vehicles to prospective clients monthly.”
Point #2 – “Utilize Customer Resource Management (CRM) tools to track client interactions, averaging 25 sales appointments per month.”
Notice – Second point tells me he was doing 25 sales appointments per months and 1st point says he was converting 12 sales per month. This is 48% conversion rate – which is fantastic but he didn’t mention this point in resume.

📌 See – ChatGpt can optimise these points but it can’t suggest this new point which we just draw.
EducationFont has changed, resume is in one font and Education section is using different font. This will not be a problem when you create resume with
Resume Review and Improvements

Best Resume Templates for Car Salesman

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Daniel’s may be very good at sales but not so good at writing a resume. He was doing fantastic sales 4-5 Million USD but we have found this after reviewing his resume. You can see that he didn’t mentioned this.

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